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Temenos Academy Hermetic Imagination Series - Prospero's Splendor Solis: An Adorable Fire for our 'so potent art'

  • The Royal Asiatic Society 14 Stephenson Way London, NW1 2HD United Kingdom (map)

To buy tickets or for further information please contact;
The Temenos Academy on 01233 813663

The golden age of renaissance alchemical art produced the Splendor Solis, famed for its beautiful hand-painted illuminations, particularly the 1582 Harley version which is a great treasure of the British Library.   This illustrated talk will present many examples from the illuminations, particularly some astonishing close-ups and details not usually noticed.  These ‘Solis secrets’ slow the busy modern eye, inviting us to ‘create the sun and the moon’ of transformed perceptions.  

Along the way we’ll consider the nature of ‘the imaginal’ itself, alchemically a perpetual, joyous wedding day uniting Above and Below.  Following the love of image in Corbin, Hillman and Hermeticism, we find it is that ‘in-between’ where traditional images are revealed as living powers whom we can meet as exalted personages, enter as landscapes and temples, experience in soma and psyche.

Marie Angelo designed and ran the MA ‘Transpersonal Arts and Practice’ at the University of Chichester, drawing on an academic background in Psychology and the Humanities, and a personal background in the Western Mystery Tradition.   

A pathway of Transformative Arts took shape, inviting Hermes into the Academy.  Each illumination of the Splendor Solis became a guest teacher of ‘imaginal inquiry,’ offering imaginative ways into the image for field-work in the imaginal cosmos of the alchemists.

After that busy decade, a five year course, privately run,  allowed the more poetic and mystical correspondences to speak their truths.  The illuminations shimmered with the magic of Prospero’s ‘drowned books’ rescued by a Miranda grown through love.  They revealed the mysteries of the Solis as a garment of the beloved friend, the mystical ‘Sun behind the Sun.’

All our ‘Imaginal Studies’ over the years have been recorded and transcribed, forming the basis for a series of illustrated texts, the first of which is soon to be published.

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