Marie Angelo

Welcome to Imaginal Studies where wonderful Inner Arts of imagination are invited to illumine and inspire.  


I'm an independent scholar and long-term student of the Western Mystery Tradition.  

Along the way I've been an academic psychologist, counsellor and researcher.  

I'm now teaching imaginal travels for a book series. 

The Imaginal?

'The imaginal' is the vivid. colourful middle-ground of living images between the physically sensed world around us and the formless spiritual world permeating through and above us.  

It's archetypal psychologist James Hillman's name for 'the unconscious' but is much more - bringing back the Astral Light of esotericism and the tangible reality of mystical experience.

Splendor Solis Books?

'The Splendor of the Sun'  is a Renaissance book of 22 dazzling illuminations set within seven alchemical treatises.  



Inside the images I found keys to the ancient Mystery School of 'the Sun behind the Sun' and began to teach from this knowledge, first in a university MA course, now privately.

Seven initiatory books are in preparation.